NC Corrector v4.0

NC Corrector v4.0    NC Corrector v4.0 

NC Corrector v4.0, a free editor visualizer programs for CNC milling machines (G-code). At the moment, is able to render basic milling G and M-functions, drilling cycles, subprograms. Auto recognizes the 5 type arcs. Export in DXF, APT format. Shows a tree, a variety of information about the program. (Machine time, path length, MAX MIN point of the trajectory, the number of segments, arcs, etc.) There is a hint of G, M codes when the mouse. Shows the point of the trajectory, the centers of the arcs. Displays an equidistant correction. There is a frame by frame navigation, with excretion in the status bar the current parameters of the program. There are display information about the item, when clicked on it with the mouse in the graphics window and much more ...

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NC Corrector for PPC

NC Corrector for PPC    NC Corrector for PPC    NC Corrector for PPC

Free CNC Editor for Windows Mobile.

Requires QVGA, VGA, WM2003, WM5, WM6 and Framework 3.5

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